Christian Guder

Rocko Strauss / 2008

Easily generating energy - A remittance work for the Fusion Festival

Rocko Strauss is an autarkic, interactive toy for the application on the playground. Moved via rhythmical swinging, this toy generates electricity and realizes funny sound or light reactions respectively. The more intensive the movement is the more crazy the reaction will be. The user himself becomes the generator - according to the principle: "What you give is what you get!".

The term 'energy consumption' referring to our interactive and multimedia-based world lends a face to "Rocko Strauss". Without being strictly instructive, this toy communicates and mediates its message quickly to the user: "Move yourself!". In form of a "Trojan horse", we thus tried to transfer the central idea of environmental protection to new places (playgrounds, festivals, urban areas) in order to inspire and initiate discussions.

Idea, Realization: Christian Guder, Leonhard Oschütz / Photos: Cassandra Mehlhorn, own pictures

Christian Guder is a Berlin based Product, Interface and Interaction Designer. He is operating at the interface between art, design and technology. After an apprenticeship as industrial mechanic at Leica Microsystems, Jena he studied at the Bauhaus-University Weimar Product Design.The past two years, Christian Guder gained practical experience working as a project manager and interface designer at Christopher Bauder`s Studio - WHITEvoid interactive art&design, Berlin, Germany. This involved realising international projects ranging from installations, to user interfaces for museums and trade shows targeting appeal to the public. Furthermore, through my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic, I am highly skilled in mechanical engineering. I believe an ever growing range of technologies will be introduced into our environments in the future. Our task as designers is to take this growth in the field of industrial engineering and form it through good design that makes the technology accessible to the customer. Christian Guder Portfolio gives you a introduction to my work.
Christian Guder ist ein in Berlin ansässiger Produkt-, Interface und Interactiondesigner. Er Arbeitet im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kunst, Design und Technologie. Nach seiner Ausbildung als Industriemechaniker bei Leica Microsystems GmbH, Jena studierte er an der Bauhaus Universität Produktdesign. In den vergangenen zwei Jahren sammelte er umfangreiche Erfahrung als Projektmanager und Interfacedesigner im Büro von Designer Christopher Bauder - WHITEvoid interactive art&design, Berlin. Hierbei lag sein Schwerpunkt auf der Realisierung von internationalen Projekten im Beriech interaktiver Installationen, Hardwaregestaltung sowie dem Design von Benutzeroberflächen für Messen, Museen und diversen Festivals. Durch seine technische Ausbildung als Feinmechaniker besitzt er besondere mechanische Fähigkeiten. Mein Portfolio gibt Ihnen einen Einblick in die kreative Arbeit der vergangenen Jahre.